Red River, New Mexico – Discovering the Romance For Couples

Relationships are hard work, and while we’re all like to admit we do our part to keep the spark alive in our respect relationships, everyone gets a little too comfortable.
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More often than not, couples decide that maybe a nice trip will be a great way to get that twinkle back into each other’s eyes, and they head off to places like … Red River, New Mexico?
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While it may not be a darling in the romantic getaway world, Red River is probably the best thing that could happen to a romantic getaway.
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Just think about it: less crowds & congestion because it’s not as traversed as other destinies, a great small-town environment from an actual small town (statistics indicate a population of about five-hundred people), and a hidden gem in the Rocky Mountains (elevation is nearly 9,000 feet above sea level).
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Nothing is more romantic than time alone with your sweetheart, and you’ve got that spades in the wonderfully untapped potential of Red River.
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It must be understood that if you venture to Red River, you’ll encounter snow. In fact, you’ll encounter a lot of snow. Weather figures note an average of over 200 inches of snow per year, and in a town that has an area of ​​one square mile (per United States Census Bureau), you’ll need to really appreciate snow.
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Herein lies the romance. Maybe you & your beloved are an area of ​​the country that sees little to no snow ever. In fact, either of you may not have ever interacted with snow. Why not experience the magic of not only being together in the Rocky Mountains but also experiencing epic snow as a couple? You can almost see it now: rosy-cheeked selfies, building snowmen together, taking a skiing lesson together. It practically has romance written all over it.
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Now, here’s where the sweet romantic in you needs to embrace the notion of thinking outside the box.
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Sure, the snow thing is awesome, but remember, you’re in a remote mountain setting, so you’ll need to tap into the things you & your partner are really into, and if its history, you’re in luck.
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Red River, NM, even with its small size, has, at last count, five spots recognized as being worthy to be on the National Registry of Historic Places including the Little Red School House Museum and the Pierre Fuller House.
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It’s also important to note that Red River gained attention as part of a second gold rush in the 1870s. Mining was a part of the town’s identity until about 1931. In many ways, you’re looking at a quintessential American mountain town that planted its roots during a tumultuous era of expansion & change in this country, and that’s pretty cool.
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Finally, if you’re looking for something akin to a getaway for just the two of you without too much going on except spending time together, why not check out the Lifts West Condominium Hotel on Main Street?
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Not only do you have the premier in luxury accommodations in the area, but you can even have a romantic dinner at Brett’s Bistro, a fine-dining restaurant located in the hotel & brainchild of a celebrated Red River resident who’s a veteran of the fine- dining industry.
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In the end, maybe Red River, New Mexico is not the flashy, well-known “kid in town” who stands out in a crowd. For those seeking to fan the flames of love, what more could you ask for?