5 Easy and Fun Things To Do With Kids in Red River, New Mexico

Traveling with kids is not easy, and anyone that tells you different is lying. Still, you have to wonder about anyone who finds themselves so prepared to travel with their children. Usually, the difficulties arise when parents do not have enough activities for the kids. This can get especially bad when you’re leaving for a vacation with the whole family. It’s just not possible to carry all of the things you think you’ll need to keep the kids entertained.

Here’s where Red River, New Mexico saves the day. This beautiful mountain town is known for its great temperate weather, amazing mountain landscapes, friendly locals, and being a veritable playground for the whole family. Here are five things that are a must if you’ve got the kids in tow and running through Red River, NM:

1. Pit Stop & Go Kart City – It’s all about fun on the track. Indulge in the ultimate kid-friendly food like corn dogs, Philly cheese, and cheese sticks. The best part is that it’s easy clean-up, so “win-win” for mom!

2. Bobcat Pass and Wilderness Adventures – Take a guided ATV or horseback tour, and check out the awesomeness of Carson National Forest & the Old Red River Pass.

3. Red River Community House – RRCH is all about the community coming together, including visitors. There are no strangers here, and community activities make fast friends between people.

4. Hidden Treasure Aerial Park – Have “an aerial high five experience” at this family-friendly park. The park promotes activities aimed to get the whole family fir and moving around. Courses are broken into levels of difficulty, with the grand finale bringing about a little something that they like to call the Ultimate Decent!

5. Red River Ski & Summer Area – Let Enchanted Circle, an eighty-three mile loop, and Wheeler’s Peak serve as the backdrop to this family fun bonanza that has activities throughout the year.

Red River, New Mexico is a town that is seemingly made for families traveling with children. This quaint mountain town wants families to enjoy being together and enjoy the beauty of the town and the majesty of the Rockies. Traveling in this part of the world means returning to nature, exploring the rugged terrain that made expansion by early settlers so awe-inspiring.

As mentioned at the start, when you travel with kids, you can’t possibly remember to bring everything your kids may want to entertain themselves. That said, traveling to Red River, New Mexico may be the way for them to find solace in the world just outside the bright screen of their mobile devices.