Five Things You Must Do In Red River New Mexico

Avid travelers in the American Southwest know a little about what makes an area truly beautiful & worth any amount of time it takes to explore the region. Even though this part of the country is littered with thousands of amazing destinations, travel gurus agree that you just can not beat a visit to Red River New Mexico.

While a number of other towns in the area tend to garner more attention such as its neighbor to the south, Taos, Red River happens to offer more bang for your buck because there tend to be stuff to do all year. In other words, there is never a bad time to head out there because you'll always find ways to have fun & experience this beautifully preserved mountain town.

While in Red River, you get the thrill of being in Carson National Forest, one of five National Forests in New Mexico. You also get to say you've been the southern Rocky Mountains & are at an elevation of 8,750 feet above sea level.

Let's be honest, though – you're looking for some serious fun, right? Well, if you're in Red River New Mexico & are aching for some cool activities, here are five "must do" activities:

Snow Tubing – Yes, you could use the traditional methods of heading down snowy hills, but why not hop on an inflatable tube for a unique experience?

Snowshoeing at Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski Area – Maybe you're not the best skier or snowboarder, but you can still walk with the best of them. Well, grab some snowshoes & enjoy a veritable winter wonderland. There are even a few miles of trails made for you & your dog!

Snowmobiling in Valle Vidal – Have some high-powered fun making your way through Valle Vidal, a near 102,000 square mile mountain basin in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range part of the southern Rockies.

Moon Star Mining Camp – If you and your loved ones are admitted skiing novices, there's no shame in admitting it. In Red River, you can take your limited skill-set to through the Moon Star Mining Camp, a neat little trail that encourages lower-level skiers to take their time & explore at a slower pace.

Red River Ski & Summer Area's Snow Coach Dinner Tours – Take a coach coach & check out the sights while you travel to an elevation of over 10,000 feet and served a delicious dinner.

Bonus: Even if you just visit Red River for a change of pace, you'll be greeted with average day-time temperatures of 40 ° in winter & 75 ° in summer. And if you're really worried about whether there's enough snow, the average snowfall per year is about 200 inches.

Red River New Mexico is the perfect combination of quaint mountain town & premier mountain destination, all without getting too "gussied up". With all that it has to offer in terms of activities for all seasons, you really do owe it yourself to make your way out there for your next vacation destination.